High Street Market Has… Corn Tortillas!

Yes, the new High Street market in Itaewon has many items of interest to the foreign community in Seoul. Yes, it’s very nice on the inside. Yes, the prices are reasonable, at least compared to other foreign markets. Yes, the meat section is amazing where you can walk away with thinly sliced peppery pastrami and delicious smoked turkey. No, I am not the first blogger to mention all of this.

But what nobody seems to have mentioned yet… the most important discovery about what the High Street Market has to offer…


I’m a Mexican food snob. Besides my family, and maybe watching live Trail Blazer basketball at the Rose Garden, it’s the thing I miss most about home. And it is impossible to find corn tortillas in Korea. Until now, I’ve resorted to having my mom mail them to me from Portland.

No longer. They are available in the freezer section at High Street Market. I got 12 for under 2,000 won and have been enjoying my tacos immensely.

Thank you High Street Market.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on January 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “High Street Market Has… Corn Tortillas!”

  1. What? You gotta know where to look!

    I found corn tortillas in this large warehouse-style discount/wholesale store. A large selection of imported and specialty foods at wholesale prices! This is obviously where many restaurants and bars get their food and drinks because they have all these enormous cans of things like pickles, huge bags of frozen foods, pre-made sauces, seasonings and so on. In the freezer section they had both wheat and corn tortillas in different sizes. There were jumbo bags and smaller bags of around 10 or something, and sizes in between.

  2. And I found those probably 3 years ago, ages before High Street started selling them.

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