Gallery and Book Cafe – Dr. Fish in Gangnam

It seems like forever now that my girl and I have been talking about visiting a Dr. Fish for some foot therapy, and until recently, all attempts ended in failure. There was the rainy night in Hongdae where we got absolutely drenched, soaked to the bone wet only to find out that the Heimdahl cafe has closed. There was the previous un-victorious attempt in Gangnam. There was a botched attempt at a secret date surprise where plans were forced to change at the last second.

Well we finally did it, successfully allowing the man eating therapy fish dine on our feet in the midst of a bustling cafe in Gangnam. At the Gallery and Book Cafe the Dr. Fish service only costs 2,000 won when you buy a drink or a snack. And they have a complimentary bread bar, so no need to buy a snack.

Take exit #6 out of Gangnam station and walk straight about 5 minutes. Past the Krispy Kreme. On the second floor of the building. Look for the sign in the picture below.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on January 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gallery and Book Cafe – Dr. Fish in Gangnam”

  1. I love the bread bar. Jo and I need to head there!

  2. Yeah you do, make a real video. We’ll go with you after another dinner in Gangnam. Maybe we should try later in Feb.

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