Vacation… Back to Rip City!

Expect light blogging for the next few weeks as I will be paying a visit to my home of Portland, Oregon… aka Rip City. It has been nearly two years.

On the agenda:
-Mexican food. Carne Asada.
-Filming a story about my return to Portland… with Trail Blazer Broadcasting!
-Courtside seats to the Blazers, thanks to Tiff.
-Lower Level seats to the Blazers, thanks to Waage.
-Ween concert in Seattle, thanks G. We gonna paint the town BROWN.
-A stay in a downtown hotel with my better half when she arrives a few days after me, thanks to Darc.
-Mexican food. Chili Verde.
-Quality time with the fam, including a belated Christmas with the extended family.
-A trip to Mt. Hood.
-Shopping shopping shopping.
-New video camera and computer. Time to step up the video production.
-A big get together with all of my friends at my fav dive bar in the old neighborhood.
-Mexican food. Pinto Beans.

Korea is frigid. Bring on moderate temperatures and gloomy gray skies. I’ve missed you Portland.

And if you’re curious, watch Fred Armison’s take on my home in the new IFC series “Portlandia”. Exaggerated, but funny none the less.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on January 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Vacation… Back to Rip City!”

  1. Safe travels my friend! Enjoy being home and looking forward to the stories that it produces!

  2. Can’t wait to tear it up, Ween will be epic! Bring on the Boognish

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