Get Your Official World DJ Festival Info Right Here

In 2011 Rip City to Seoul will be working directly with the World DJ Festival to promote this unique event to the foreign community in Korea. The ROK’s largest outdoor dance festival, last year 50,000 plus people were in attendance. You can expect this year to be even more massive.

The 5th annual World DJ Festival will be held on March 6th-8th. This year it will not be at the Nanji campground as it was in years past. Full lineup and location information to be released very soon, but it will be close to Seoul.

Here is why you want to keep checking back with Rip City to Seoul:

*Free tickets! Rip City to Seoul’s very own promotional ticket giveaway contest is coming soon.

*Breaking news released here on the “silent disco” foreigner club party in March. Not familiar with silent disco? Stay tuned for your chance to catch Korea’s hottest hip hop acts live, but pumped through a transmitter to wireless headphones worn by the audience instead of the traditional speaker stack.

*Foreigner friendly information that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Because contest competition will be stiff, get your detailed step by step information on how foreigners can purchase tickets to the World DJ Festival on the English link found on the website as well as by clicking this direct link here.

Also, the event needs additional festival goers to participate in the World Village. This gathering of diverse arts and cultures is recruiting participants to engage in communal activities with festival attendees. Set up a booth, provide information about your group, put on an interactive performance, and share in the festival creativity. You can find general information as well as the World Village application here. Fill it out and send it in.

Stay tuned for more information

~ by ripcitytoseoul on February 16, 2011.

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