The Dream Chaser – DA Green (NEH Magazine)

A version of the following article was published in March’s “The New Seoul Establishment Issue” of NEH Magazine.

What’s up with DA Green? I used to see him everywhere but he’s been missing in action lately? Someone said he just had a radio appearance back in the States. Did he move home? I thought he had a lot of projects going on in Korea? Didn’t I just see a video released?

Yes, DA Green is indeed alive, and he’s not just making it happen in Asia but worldwide. After a good two and half years in Korea he spent the holidays with friends and family back home in the States. You can now once again see him rapping about hot sauce and skyward flying in the ROK.

It’s about time he came back because DA has a ton of ongoing projects in Korea. To start, Oro Design is putting the finishing touches on not only his DVD titled “Peace and Music”, but also the partially animated and completely innovative music video for his song “Far Away”. His music video by Sonny Side Films for “Greatness” off the Outstanding mix tape has received 30,000+ hits online since its release in mid-December.

DA has also been hard at work in the studio. He has taken the lead on a gang of internet released collaboration tracks featuring some of Korea’s finest emcees and vocalists. To date he has recordings in the bag with Space Boys, Infinite, Agonist, Young Six and Carys Matic, and plenty of guest appearances are scheduled for later this Spring. Plans are set to spend more studio time with Black Ilumin, he will be partnering with Agonist as “The Collective” in addition to future collaborations with JoshRoy, Ah-nest Don, Sammy Clay, Dusten Wes… the list goes on and on.

You would be mistaken to say that this holiday trip back home to the States was a vacation in the traditional sense of the word. If by vacation you mean a break from the ins and outs of your regular routine, then maybe. But DA was hardly kicking back, letting life pass by as he sips boat drinks.

He hooked up with Boston clothing company 43 Grenades about repping their gear and providing original music. He met with 3 different record labels. He did internet radio interviews with Milk Crate Music at based out of Rhode Island. He reunited with his original crew “The Foundation” and recorded tracks with fellow members J-Nice and Tone Shock. He performed several times in Massachusetts including an event for Streets Mos Magazine. He also sat down with Pennsylvania based Spanish publication Alante Magazine about an article featuring his work. Lastly, during his first trip to California he recorded new tracks at 17 Hertz studios in the Bay Area with Chris Gatsby of Substitute Teachers.

Trumping all of the music business though, was the opportunity to see his family, most importantly his son Dasan. It’s not easy living half way around the world from your offspring and from what he’s shared with me, it’s something that weighs him down. This special time with his son did wonders for his heart.

What does all of this mean for DA’s future? No doubt you can expect performances in Korea and Japan, possibly elsewhere. There will be more music videos with Sonny Side Films including an appearance in the Digging Deeper Series. He will be recording the anthem and theme song for the Rip City to Seoul blog. Soon DA will begin recording his first official album featuring all original material. To say he has lofty expectations for his freshman solo release is an understatement. With utmost confidence Mr. Green told me, “It will be in Source Magazine’s top 100. You can quote me.”

That’s all great for the near future, but where is this long and winding road leading him? What will become of this character, this larger than life figure in stature, swagger and story telling?

Ideally, DA’s dream is to blow it up at the highest level. This is how he envisions the outcome: Hitting the jackpot by landing a record deal, creating album after album of innovative music and taking in the hard earned rewards of lyrical dedication.

That said, we all know how difficult it is to make that happen. Should the high profile ending not come to fruition, Big DA would be happy to live out his days surrounding himself and his loved ones with the paramount figure in his life. Music. Thinking back on a past job offer to teach English and run a music establishment in Brazil, he has spoken fondly to me about realizing the dream of that same profession, only on a beach in Thailand.

This last scenario is how I see Mr. DA Green down the road. It’s not that he’s not capable of hitting the big time. It is about the joy I see in him as he hosts an event. The positive vibes he radiates while promoting the careers of his friends. The larger than life figure that demands your attention behind the microphone. The man with the rare ability flip any gathering around from a flop to a hand waving, I-say-you-say party started right.

Only time will tell what life has in store for DA Green. When asked how he ranks himself, he replies, “I’m the best ME, I just do me and keep it moving.” One thing you can take to the bank, he’ll be promoting peace and music until the day he dies.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on March 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Dream Chaser – DA Green (NEH Magazine)”

  1. Well written article about a good guy.
    Big DA ain’t sittin’ no poolside drinking boat drinks sunglasses board shorts – he doing work SON.

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