World DJ Festival Video Contest Winners

When I brainstormed the Rip City to Seoul video contest for free World DJ Festival tickets, I pictured a handful of webcam videos coming in, creative for sure, but nothing professional. Not that there would have been anything wrong with that, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

To follow are the winners of the video contest, and as you can see for yourself, all are far from basic video submissions.

Jesus Jones of hip hop trio Space Boys fame sang a auto-tuner enhanced version of Elton John’s Daniel, set to a classic live performance. After having relocated to Busan recently, in his version of the song Jesus pleads for Mr. Rip City to give him a ticket so he can re-unite with the band for a fun filled weekend at the WDF.

Sonny Side Films submitted an intimidating video highlighting his past ambitions to become a successful DJ. His green screen enhanced production basically threatens me with a world of hurt I didn’t follow through, grant his wishes and kick down a ticket to the festival. You want it, you got it.

Filmmaker Marco Tessiore submitted his cinematic tale of love lost due as a result of past WDF experiences. It doesn’t seem like he regrets his decision too much, and by the looks of his video, I need to be hanging out with him this year.

~ by ripcitytoseoul on March 20, 2011.

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