World DJ Festival Silent Disco Video

The World DJ Festival Starry Night for Foreigners silent disco promotional party in Hongdae park was last Saturday, March 19th. Silent disco is pretty great, if you haven’t been, keep a look out for future WDF events in the park. All the party people in attendance get to listen to the DJ’s via wireless headphones instead of speaker stacks. 300 headphones in total, and at times, the line to at them was quite long.

Keep coming back to Rip City to Seoul for future messages about the 2011 World DJ Festival, including up coming info on transportation and lodging.

~ by ripcitytoseoul on March 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “World DJ Festival Silent Disco Video”

  1. Hey do you know anything about getting, er, press passes? Hehe…

    • haha, don’t have that kind of pull. However, I will be having another contest in April, much easier than the video contest. I hope you participate for a ticket.

  2. Silent disco party? is super cool
    Take a look at this events in europe

    Really great time!

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