Behind the Scenes: Wild and Crazy Video Shoot Day 1

Production on the Wild and Crazy music video began last weekend. The crew met up in Seoul and took the long subway ride down to the area just outside Osan Air Base for a full day of shooting.

The strategy on this first day proved to be the perfect way to ease into a busy month of weekend filming. To kick things off, the artist Dusten Wes was the sole focus of the shooting efforts. This approach gave Dusten the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera while taking direction from Marco behind the lens. It also meant a manageable small crew. The atmosphere was relaxed as everyone got acquainted with the surroundings and with each other. Ample planning in the pre-production stage resulted in a knowledgeable crew already familiar with the visual script and plan of attack at each location.

According to director Marco Tessiore, applying lessons learned from past projects, the goal with Wild and Crazy is to make it nothing more than what it is: A heartfelt song of tragedy, struggles, and what might have been, performed by a character deeply feeling these emotions through first hand experience, all while encouraging the listener to stay positive.

The song may have a serious tone, but the vibe on set was laid back, gracious and appreciative. Dusten Wes was noticeably excited to be working on his first video, occasionally joking around flashing his smile. For a song taking on serious subject matter, his happy-go-lucky approach to this project let us in on a different side of him. It set the tone for a fun collaborative project involving a group of guys who are passionate about what they do individually, brought together by a love for music.

Speaking with Marco since, he couldn’t be happier with the footage from day 1.

Next up the crew will tackle the 3 verses of the song, each offering the opportunity to tell a different story of the Wild and Crazy collective of tales. These future shoots will bring more crew members, including actors, presenting a new set of challenges to take on.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on April 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Behind the Scenes: Wild and Crazy Video Shoot Day 1”

  1. Hell, I need live video out like that camera. BAAAAM. I’m too busy holding spoons behind the camera to see what the reflection is.

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