Gringos Burritos – Official Burrito of the Rip City Blog

Mexican food in Korea is typically awful. You try to convince yourself that it’s not because there is not much available to you. So badly you want to think what you’re getting is good, but you know it’s not . New establishments pop up, you get excited, you eat it, and inevitably you are let down. So much so that I just stopped trying.

Enter Gringos Burritos. Two ex-pats in Ilsan offering an excellent service to those of us looking for a damn good burrito. These guys use the best ingredients to provide our community with heaven rolled in a tortilla. The beans are from scratch. The rice is from scratch. The chicken is slow cooked.

Gringos makes two varieties: chicken burritos and breakfast burritos. Both taste like your favorite home-made burritos but better.

The chicken burrito has shredded chicken, beans, rice and salsa with the perfect amount of cheddar cheese. The breakfast burrito has eggs, potatoes, bacon, beans, salsa and the creamy cheddar cheese.

My favorite part… both are loaded with fresh cilantro. I love cilantro so much. Not too mention that their salsa is amazing. The salsa is also available to purchase but be careful, once you open it, it doesn’t stand a chance. My girlfriend and I ripped through it in one seating.

They make everything to order, hand roll and vaccum pack them up for ultimate freshness. They will also deliver the burritos when you order a decent amount, even making trips in to Seoul.

Also worth noting, my girlfriend doesn’t eat dairy, and the Gringos guys were more than willing to whip up a batch of dairy free burritos to cater to her preferences.

6 pack for 30,000
12 pack for 55,000
Full pint of salsa for 5,000
1/2 pint of salsa for 3,000

Gringos Burritos, the official burrito of the Rip City to Seoul blog. Try them for yourself.

You can find them on facebook by searching Gringos Korea, or just click the links in this sentence.

You can also email:

or call:

Download the flyer here:

~ by ripcitytoseoul on May 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Gringos Burritos – Official Burrito of the Rip City Blog”

  1. I really miss “dirty Mexican food”. Ilsan’s a little bit far, but when/if I make it out there, definitely going to try this place out. Good stuff!

  2. […] for a bag of Nachos (the red/orange bag similar to Nacho Cheese Doritos) to eat for lunch with my Gringos Burrito. While I was inside, it started to rain. Not just any rain, but summer time Korean monsoon […]

  3. […] ☆ […]

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