Hot Fiyah Hip Hop Contest and Televised Event

May 14th, 2011 is a big day in Seoul. Wong Won Productions is offering the chance to work with Devon Golder, a producer that works with the mighty successful Wyclef Jean. (As a side note, I saw Wyclef in 1997 with John Forte, unbelievable show)

I’ll be on hand to help with the event, working a camera and interviewing the artists.

The Hot Fiyah Hop-Hop and R&B Competition will be at Club Drug aka DGBD in Hongdae and will be televised on Hip Hop TV.

Prizes for the winners include:

1. Bottle of alcohol
2. Studio time free of charge
3. A track with producer Devon Golder of Wyclef Jean fame
4. Featured on a mini-documentary produced by Hip Hop TV
5. Potential music video

Interested in participating?
Do the following:

1. Submit 1 performance track and the original recording of the song to (2 tracks total)
2. Rock the crowd
3. Give a brief shout out on camera after your performance with your thoughts on your performance, the crowd and the evening.
4. 10,000 won registration fee. You will be e-mailed a release waiver for your track.

You will be judged on your recorded track, stage presence, lyrics, crowd involvement.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on May 12, 2011.

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