Q&A: Lance Reegan-Diehl, Founder of HBC Fest (NEH Magazine)

A version of the following article was published in May’s “The Travel Issue” of NEH Magazine.

Lance Reegan-Diehl (LRD) is one of the most accomplished musicians around. He is responsible for eleven studio albums, the most recent Uploaded is available on iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody. His unique sound is found throughout his work, TV and movie spots. He tours the world as a solo artist and with his band, playing gigs and putting on clinics. He has performed guitar on 5 number one K-Pop hits. Guitarist, composer, producer, clinician, there’s not much he’s not capable of.

Lance is also the founder of the HBC Festival coming to the streets of Hae Bang Chon at the end of May.
The HBC Festival has become quite the popular event.  How did it come about?
The Festival started 6 years ago now, when Hae Bang Chon was just starting to become a quiet place to enjoy good times with friends. There were only three venues back then but it was still the same vibe. People in the street, in the venues, eating food, drinks, and BBQ’s grillin’ away. From 28 acts and 3 venues to the now 60 + acts and 10 venues, it’s quite neat to know I created that.

When and why did you start the festival?
I originally started this Fest with a good friend of mine, Jim Gaynor. We just had an idea to do it because I had all the music gear, and we all knew the bands and venues. And now we have today what we negotiated 6 years ago.
How has it changed since then?
More people coming out now. More people wanting to be active and play music, show art; just enjoy the day. I primarily have run and organized the fest for 4 years now, and I do have my crew: Conor, Dae-Sung, Dave, and Roger who help with various tasks.
Who are the can’t miss acts at this upcoming festival?

I actually can’t be biased. I’m not. And I view every act for at least one or two songs while I make my rounds. I would say all of them.
How can interested performers become involved in future events?
We use a Yahoo group for HBCfest to have people signup for and keep updated. The signup box is clearly marked on our website.
How can music fans stay informed on future events?

Thanks for coming to May Festival 2011.


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