Venue Spotlight: Club Volume is Back (NEH Magazine)

To follow is the Venue Spotlight I wrote on Club Volume for the June “The Arts Issue” of NEH Magazine.

Club Volume in Itaewon is back and a lot has changed in the year it was gone.

Originally opened as a trance and techno club roughly four years ago, it became one of the hottest in Korea, considered a pioneer by many for big clubs at the time. However, it went through a remodel that didn’t go so well.

Volume was sold last year and the new management team got right to work. What you have now is a completely new club. Before, it was considered too narrow. Structurally speaking, it’s now wider, creating a different atmosphere. The musical style has also been renovated. Gone are the days of trance and techno. Volume is now a house music club with some electro and a touch of progressive.

Why house music? According to Fred, Club Volume Project Manager, “House music has very warm feelings. I think music should be that way, very warm, very enjoyable feelings. That is important.” Also, think about it, who enjoys house music? The ladies. The ladies enjoy house music, and the rule of thumb in the club world is the men will go where the females are.

On the topic of clientele, I also asked Fred about his customers. “Our clientele are people between 20 and 35 years old. It’s quite wide.” He continues, “They are from Itaewon. We also have a lot of clients coming from Gangnam. We have people from Hongdae. We have students. We have people working in companies, professionals. And some part of the clientele are foreigners as well.“

Next, I asked Fred what can we expect out of the new club? “What we want to do is give good times”, he says. “People come to our club because they want to have fun. They really like the music. This is what we heard from our clientele, that’s the reason they are coming back.”

On the topic of events at Volume, he continues, “What we try to do is not always invite very big famous artists. The Korean scene always follows this. When you have famous DJ’s, people go to the club. But they will soon move to another club.” Instead, in an attempt to attract a loyal client base, Volume is targeting mainly talent found locally. You can still expect one or two famous DJ’s every month, but the main goal is to highlight gifted Korean DJ’s.

Another difference, every Thursday at Volume is the “Pretty People Party.” Although it’s still considered a club party, the idea is to draw comparison to the lounge concept. Because Thursday is not considered a big night in the club world, Volume is hard at work to attract the lounge bar crowd. To do so, entrance is free for everyone until midnight, and all night is free for ladies. They will also be offering special promotions on drinks such as martinis.

One last difference to mention, although the drink offerings and overall service are going to be similar to other clubs in Korea, the prices in Itaewon are a little lower than what you’ll find in Gangnam.

Final thoughts from Fred, “We re-opened the club in Itaewon so we are definitely hoping to introduce Korean club culture to a large foreign base. We are really trying to create a mix between the Korean and the foreign customer.”


~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 7, 2011.

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