Feedback From An Old Friend

A friend from my past recently found out I was living in Korea and was directed to my blog. Personally having an interest in this part of the world, he took it upon himself to read everything that I’ve ever published. Everything. OMG.

What he had to say was interesting to me, rewarding in a way, and I’m grateful for the outside perspective he provided on what I’ve been able to document in my 2 + years in Korea.

I already told him personally, but publicly, thanks for reaching out to me man, let’s keep in touch.

To follow is the initial email I received from him.


So I had lunch with “N” a few weeks ago and she told me how you made the move to Seoul to teach english out there. She then told me about your blog and I had to check it out! I actually read every single entry since you started the thing in 2009 and I love how it evolved from a food/travel/quirky Korean “isms” to a blog touching on the happenings in Seoul for music and comedy. Not to mention your little posts here and there regarding the Blazers! At least we can agree on one thing, the Lakers must die.

Did I ever tell you that I used to live in Southeast Asia!? I actually lived in the Philippines for 16 years and spent 2 years in Jakarta, Indonesia. Best years of my life! I would take trips with the family to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan all the time with the family since we were so close to all those places. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I’m actually half Korean myself! I can speak tagalog (Filipino) and bahasa (Indonesian) but my Korean is absolutely horrible so I’m glad you’re picking up things as you’re living there.

But what I really wanted to also mention was I love that you’re not afraid to try anything and everything when it comes to food. I’m a huge Korean food fan and I love the fact that you’re eating gachujang, bibimbap, galbi, bulgogi, jiggae and all the other great stuff that they have over there! I even eat tripe and chicken’s feet myself and I know that’s not for everyone, but I love the fact that you’re open to at least trying that stuff.

I wish I would have known you were in Korea sooner since I was in Beijing for 10 days last August and I totally would have stayed in Seoul for a day or two to hang out! I haven’t been to Korea since 1991 or 1992 and I know it’s obviously changed a ton since then.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hi and that I hope you’re still enjoying yourself out there! You have an amazing writing style and I hope you get to explore more of Southeast Asia while you’re there. I know you took a trip to the Philippines so I hope you had a great time… would love to hear about it like you did with your Vietnam/Cambodia trip.

Hope you’re well and feel free to hit me back if you have a free moment!



~ by ripcitytoseoul on July 24, 2011.

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