Summer Vacation at Home in Korea

It has been my summer vacation and one thing has become so abundantly clear during this time off — How necessary some down time to relax can be.

Typically, during the Korean summer and winter vacation week, my girl and I are in the airports, visiting far off places, spending money enjoying hotels, tourists attractions and strange cuisine. The Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, the trip back to Portland last winter — you all have given us amazing travel experiences in the past. But this time, we just wanted to lay low.

Our justification? There’s not much we like more than traveling. However, often when you get home from a trip like that, you’re more tired than when you left. Traveling in this part of the world isn’t as cheap as it used to be, seems like airline fares have been continually on the up and up. And there’s the summer weather in this part of the world. Wherever you end up, there’s a good chance of getting caught in some epic storms. The onslaught of Asian rain can be relentless, and that doesn’t make for the best vacation experiences. We loved The Philippines, but Boracay was soggy and cloudy last year.

Instead, we have been relaxing, doing the things that we don’t often get the chance to do. Between regular work, the dreaded intensive classes, our busy extra-curricular obligations, and the dog, we don’t always get to take the personal time that we need.

For our summer stay-cation, we took that personal time. We watched an obscene amount of The Soprano’s series. Cooked a lot of food together. Played with the dog. Went to a movie. Had a few business meetings. Got our tattoos touched up. Did some writing. She’ll get some shopping done this weekend and I’m going to Pentaport.

One thing we’ve realized is that after being in Korea for so long, the urge to go everywhere and see everything in this part of the world has eased a bit. Among others, I still want to visit Thailand, Japan, maybe Laos. But I also want to see more of Korea. And I’m looking to blow up the cash balloon of the past that our world traveling has popped. (Going home for a visit is SO expensive.) That, and maybe it’s because after being here for a while, it seems less of a tourist destination, and more of a home.

Whatever reasoning I am coming up with for justifying staying put during this week of summer vacation, it doesn’t change the fact that we haven’t really missed the hectic traveling this time around.

It’s been nice.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on August 4, 2011.

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