A Collection of Responses to “You See These Rocks!”

By now, I’m assuming everyone reading this in Korea has seen the, “You see these rocks!” video. If you haven’t, you’re living under your own rock. For those in hiding, an altercation between a young black man and an older Korean man was caught on camera and put on YouTube. We don’t know what preceded the altercation, what happened before what’s seen on the video, but it’s safe to say I’m not sure a lot would justify the response that was given.

Recently, two video responses have surfaced, both produced and featuring friends of mine. Give them a view and pass them around.

And if you must see it again, here’s the video that got all of this started (recently replaced on here due to the inappropriate title on the original video I found. Thanks to the commenter for providing a better option).

Actually, the video with the more responsible title has been removed from YouTube, so it’s back to the irresponsible, offensive title. Sorry correct folks, it’s not my video, I’m just reporting the news.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on September 7, 2011.

9 Responses to “A Collection of Responses to “You See These Rocks!””

  1. Great blog, thanks for the pub bub

  2. […] UPDATE (by Robert Koehler): More here. […]

  3. Comment on Sketches –

    Speaking of changing the YouTube title from “Blacks Riot,” what the hell is up with the title of the video you have linked here??

    • I know right! Obviously it’s not my video, and I was in a rush to get the post up.
      Appreciate the suggestion and the time spent finding something with an appropriate title.

      • The black dude should not have lashed out like that, but I can see why he acted that way. SK is not an easy place for foreigners (especially for the dark skinned ones). My guess is that he reached his boiling point.

      • Thanks for your comment. I suppose becomes a question of what kind of response to a difficult situation is warranted. How we would like to act, and how we should act, are often two different things.

  4. How about using this YouTube link if you must, it’s titled “Black Man On Korean Bus Yells At elderly couple”:

  5. I saw this this summer, and my first reaction was wrong: the bloke probably reached his boiling point. I lived in SK for two years and worked for a time as a recruiter for English teachers and was told in bland terms that white females from America came first, and not to hire dark skinned people no matter the nationality.

    So, my reaction: that the bloke hit his boiling point, was a reaction to that among a host of other things. But no way was his reaction in any way warranted. He misunderstood the old man, it was his fault.

    And, what sort of able bodied geezer attacks an elderly couple? Or anyone? Even if the old man had called him ‘nigger’, he had a choice to act like a man or to act like a daemon.

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