Who Wrote That?: The Backstory

My previous blog titled Did I Write That? Did You Write That? Who Wrote That? has generated a response. Maybe I’ll get to posting that later. For now, here is the backstory, an explanation as to why I posted the two examples in the first place.

Why the backstory? It didn’t seem important until someone started messaging in the form of name calling, particularly “sad and pitiful”. If this is the case, why say anything at all? Be happy that someone is making themself look sad and pitiful to the rest of the world.

I don’t like name calling, a-hole. Haha, that wasn’t unnecessary. What is now necessary, is sharing the backstory. It’s a sad story of a friendship gone south. Not really. It’s a story of shiftiness.

I bring you, the Backstory:

– The person who published the piece on enewsworld.net is also the editor in chief of the publication that printed the original Green Groove review. We will refer to him as ‘Leader’.

– In addition to running a magazine, Leader also contributes to enewsworld.net. Before publishing his “own” Green Groove review on enewsworld.net, Leader offered future writing opportunities on enewsworld.net to the person who wrote the Green Groove review that appeared in the magazine he publishes. We will refer to that person ‘Writer’.

– A few weeks after this conversation took place, Writer was made aware of the enewsworld.net Green Groove review when a friend of Leader posted the enewsworld.net piece publicly on Facebook and Twitter. Writer was perplexed at how similar that piece was to the piece he wrote for Leader’s magazine. Contributing to the confusion was how fast friend of Leader then removed those links from their Facebook and Twitter account later that same morning. Almost so fast that nobody would have had time to actually notice them.

– When Writer asked Leader about this shady situation, Leader firmly told Writer:

* I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at.
* There is no plagiarism. (Leader used the “P” word, not Writer).
* I don’t know anything about something being taken down.
* This was Leader’s account of the event.
* In no way was Writer’s piece used as a reference.
* It never came to Leader’s mind to even consider looking at Writer’s piece (strange statement, considering that piece was published in Leader’s magazine).

TO BE CLEAR, Writer is not accusing Leader of plagiarism, he is simply disappointed that the whole situation went down with such a high degree of shiftiness. What kind of “Leader” takes a piece of writing that someone else contributed to his magazine for free, and then gets paid “re-write” it for a different publication online? This is after Leader offered similar writing opportunities in the online publication, to the person who wrote the original piece. How do we know money was exchanged? It was previously offered to Writer. Money exchanging hands aside, it’s still shifty.

Sticks and stones.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on October 18, 2011.

5 Responses to “Who Wrote That?: The Backstory”

  1. And the truth shall set you free.

  2. LOL… “shifty” is an extremely polite way to characterize that.

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