Who Wrote That?: The Response and Closing Thoughts

OK, OK, my last post on the topic. Not to beat the pony of its existence — BUT — my last two posts on the subject of Who Wrote That? have generated an awful lot of responses.

Post Number 1: Did I Write That? Did You Write That? Who Wrote That?
Post Number 2: Who Wrote That?: The Backstory

To follow are some of the responses that Writer (the character in those posts) has received on the subject:

“Just read your blog post, and while you might not be saying it’s plagiarism, let’s be serious, it is.”

“Hold on a sec, you’re saying he had you write up an article of this festival for the magazine, and then he went and wrote (or “wrote”) a separate article about it on another site, pretending it had nothing to do with yours? What the fuck?”

“I don’t buy that he didn’t use your piece as a reference. That seems like bullshit. And if he gave [the magazine] a photo credit, he should have given you one too.”

“It’s like he considered your article, and then rejected the idea of letting your words speak for themselves, or even letting you modify the article. It feels like he read what you wrote and then just reworded it.”

“There are definitely some similarities. Some of the structure is different, and that is the easiest way to plagiarize. I would be asking the same question you are. That’s the shitty part of everyone with a keyboard and internet connection being a digital publisher.”

“All these people are getting burned or screwed over and no one’s saying anything. He needs to be sent a message, it’s not ok for him to treat people like this.”

A few years as an active member of the expat community in Korea has taught me a lot. I was naive in the beginning to believe that most people were selfless and in it for the greater good of the community. In reality, it seems quite often, many are in it instead to advance themselves by stepping all over the people that can help them get where they are trying to go. They do this with a sense of entitlement. They do this without offering gratitude, and they do this without any intention of delivering recognition to where it belongs.

Bite. Chew. Spit. Fake smile.

I’ve learned it’s best to not expect a lot in return when you do something to help someone out or assist them with making a beneficial connection to advance their craft.

And now, that’s enough with the negative. I hope to soon be reporting on the wonderfully positive things going on in and around Seoul.


~ by ripcitytoseoul on November 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Who Wrote That?: The Response and Closing Thoughts”

  1. I’m amused that his twitter account seems to have been hacked recently.

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