Where Can You Find Me?

Beyond Rip City to Seoul, where else can you find me?

#8 in the 2011 10 Magazine Reader’s Poll for your Favorite Korea Blog
#2 in the 2011 HiExpat.com/Groove Magazine poll for Best Blog in Korea
#8 in the 2010 10 Magazine Korea Awaits Video Contest
#7 in the 2010 10 Magazine Reader’s Poll for your Favorite English Blog

NEH Magazine
English Magazine in Korea

October “Hers” Issue 2011
Together with Bada
October “His” Issue 2011
Life in Korea Through the Eyes of a Foreign Pro Athlete: Ryan Sadowski
My Grandpa was Gay
August/September Issue 2011
Winehouse, The 27 Club and Addiction
YouTube Rant
Exclusive: American-born Rapper Busta Rhymes
2011 Green Groove Festival Review
July Issue 2011
Gringos Burritos: Entrepreneurial Dreams Meet South of the Border Cravings
Green Groove Festival Preview
Reasons Why You Should F&*$ing Hate Facebook
Buzzer Beater Banter: Talking Ball with International Superstar Eric Sandrin
Danny Cho: California to Korea: A Funny Man’s Journey To His Homeland
June 2011 “The Arts Issue”
Korea’s Take on Iron Mic
Taking Over the Airwaves One Radio, Computer and Smart Phone at a Time – Night Vibe with Pinnacle and Elliott
The 2011 World DJ Festival Has Come and Gone – WDF Review:
Interview with Dada Life
Interview with Markus Schulz
Interview with Riva Starr
Interview with Trouble Makerz
Interview with J-Path
Interview with the Silent Disco DJs – DJ Space Munkey and DJ Some Guy
Venue Spotlight – Club Volume
May 2011 “The Travel Issue”
He Said/She Said: Apartamento – Italian Fine Dining with a Korean Twist
Q&A: Lance Reegan-Diehl, Founder of the HBC Fest
April 2011 “The Anniversary Issue”
Paradise is the Greatest Place on Earth – World DJ Festival Preview
Humanitarianism Through Hip Hop – Robb Lee
Poet Writer Photographer Film Maker Musician – Carys Jones
March 2011 “The New Seoul Establishment Issue”
Reggae’s Ambassador to Korea – Josh Roy
The Dream Chaser – DA Green
The Wiseguy – Albert Escobedo
The NEH Forum – Caught Between Two Cultures
February 2011 “The Future Issue”
Take a Journey to Places Out of This World – Space Boys
November 2010 “The Alternative Issue”
The Making of Gasoline
The Gorilla Crew Presents “Return”
The 48 Hour Film Project Seoul 2010
Exposing Korea’s Underbelly: Digging Deeper
October 2010 “The Geek Issue”
How to Conquer the Blogoshpere

Trail Blazers Fan of the Day: Meet RipCityDustin

Arirang TV
Korea’s #1 English Language Broadcasting Company
Video reporting on “12 rules for expat life in Korea”
Today’s Blog episode Itaewon – The Haven of Exotic Culture
Commercial for Citizen Report – My Shot
Today’s Blog episode Delight for Five Senses

10 Magazine online
English Magazine in Korea
Blast off with Space Boys at Bard’ers Beach Bash 2010
Q&A with Benny Fax from Space Rhyme Continuum, performing at Shule Shakedown Korea Part II

Language Vine
International travel and language website
“Yogeeyo!” Learn how to behave in a Korean restaurant
Korean words to describe the best sightseeing spots in Korea!
Living in Korea? It pays to learn Korean numbers!
Best way to spend the summer in Korea? Go to the beach!
Get the most out of Seoul in just one day!
Hit the streets of Korea to learn about Korean food culture!
Dissecting the “Strange Foods” of Korea! Are you brave enough?
Chuseok, baseball, sticky rice cakes! Why Autumn is Awesome in Korea!

The official website of the Republic of Korea.
On March 29th, 2010 Korea.net featured Rip City to Seoul’s 63 Building post on their Blogging on Korea page.


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