Thanks for visiting. This blog was a documentation of my Korean experience. I moved to Seoul in early 2009 and stayed for just over three years. During that time I traveled, taught, wrote, documented, ate, appeared on TV/Radio… and best of all met my wife. I’d like to think I lived life to the fullest, gave the ROK everything I had, made a ton of friends and pissed a few people off. I was also plagiarized repeatedly. That’s success in my book.

We’re now back home in Portland, Oregon aka RIP CITY. Our Korean adopted Yorkshire Terrier is crazy as ever.

Go Blazers.

My roots are in Portland, Oregon, where I grew up and worked for several years in the corporate world. The economic crisis sent me looking for a new adventure, and I found it in Asia. Now in Korea, I spend my free time putting digit to keyboard. I’m a blogger consistently ranked among the top 10 Korea blogs, was the contributing editor for NEH Magazine, and am a current creative and business mind for hire.

I’ve been called everything from worldly to local.  More accurately, I am someone who feels a strong connection to where I’m from, where I have been and where I am.  Regardless of location, one thing remains the same — I’m a die hard Blazermaniac — some have said, the biggest outside of Portland.

Representing Rip City, currently residing in Seoul.


18 Responses to “Me”

  1. DW-

    I have been laughing my ass off reading your blog. Dude – It sounds like you are having a blast! I couldn’t be happier for you…


  2. DW- Amazing! This must feel like an experience of a lifetime. My favorite was the bank robber look, too cool! Stay safe and look forward to keeping up on your experience.


  3. Cousin D~
    Your Blogs are amazing, and just reading them brings back memories of Pusan, South Korea. The street vendors, culture and friendly people are some of the vivid memories, but I only spent a few days there.
    People here in Denver are stoked about the Nuggets acquisition of Ty Lawson. I think with Ty, being a small PG ,will help the Nuggets become a serious contender to make it to the WCF again next summer, dare I say Finals?

  4. Hi, Came across your blog through the Korean Blog list and clicked on yours because I saw “Rip City.” Yesterday I was out at a club by PGE Park and we saw Channing Frye. 🙂 Hope you are well!

  5. Hi there,

    I found your blog on the Korean list blog and was elated to see someone from Portland teaching in Korea! I too am from Portland and plan on teaching in Korea next year. Until then, I will follow your experience 🙂 Looks like a great one so far!


    • It’s been an amazing experience and I’m planning on staying longer. Feel free to contact me later if you have any questions.

  6. Great man! I have been may times in Korea.. with my friend Harry Bae!!!! Greats memoirs!! I getting on your blog.. great way to know my old “klubben” frind of Aarhus

  7. Nice to see another diehard Blazer fan here in South Korea. Keep up the writing and cross your fingers that our boys can get out of the first round of the playoffs this year (hey, stranger things have happened).

    • As long as they don’t have to play Los Angeles… or Utah… or Denver. Just kidding, anything can happen in the playoffs. That said… bring on Dallas!

  8. I’m in Korea doing teacher training for a month and was looking for info on Ho Lee Chow and ran across the name of your blog and immediately knew you were an Oregonian. Having grown up in Boring, OR, I too am a Blazer fan – more so in the good old days when I was a kid and they won the championship. Still miss Bill Schonley.

  9. Love the blog dudee!! I am also in Seoul right now!! I love it here.Currently working out here for the next 2 years. Keep up the sweeet work!

  10. I will be reading your blogs from now on. I have web feet and oily skin. Keep Portland weird!!!!!

  11. Dustin,
    What does Rip City mean?

    • Started as a descriptive term used in relation to a good play on the court by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 70’s, since has turned into a nickname for the city of Portland, Oregon

  12. Gotcha. What is your take on Greg Oden situation? I really feel for that bastard. He seems like a nice guy too.

    • I’m just happy that it’s over. Feel sorry for the guy, he didn’t ask to be born with bad knees. He’s dealt with a lot of pressure, and a lot of let down. Time for everyone to move on.

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