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  1. Do something sweet D!


  2. Really loved the excerpt about the walking on the left and driving on the right and how they just aren’t getting it. I have commented this many times on my 2 weeks thus far. And still there is complete harmony. I also like how they slip in and out of their seats on the metro so smoothly and quietly you almost don’t see them do it. Unlike any other metro experience I have had. Wish I could read the signs!

  3. dustin

    found this link in an old email from tanler. ( he said you flunked english is that true?)

    looks like you’re having fun. keep it up……you’re not missing much back here right now with this economy.

    enjoy and stay in touch


  4. I would like use some of your photo or others for an article on an italian architect’s journal.
    it is possible? How it will cost?
    I would need images more defined (>300dpi)

    many thanks

    best wishes

  5. I have an interview next week with Chungdahm next week and I am trying to get information about the company. I hear horror stories about how companies are run or how people are paid on time. I was wondering what you could tell me about your experience. Thanks.

  6. This message is for a fellow Kappa Sigma brother. Brother Bendel informed me that you are living in Korea. I too and two others, as I recently found, are living in Seoul. Drop me a line at BTW, that video about the bus incident,,, hell of a job! A to B

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